Mini Donuts: Enjoy the Little Things

Mini Donuts made hot, fresh, and mini-licious! Our Mini Donuts are always made to order! We cook your minis right there on the spot. Watch them sizzle and then pop out of the machine right before your eyes. Pick from some of our many wonderful flavors and toppings. Then, off you go to enjoy the warmest little piece of mouth heaven you’ve ever had. It’s time to enjoy the little things! 

Come visit us at Oakway Center

We are conveniently located right outside Talbots & Chicos!

Shave Ice
Shave Ice

Enjoy the Little Things.

Spread the news about the Newest and Cutest little Donut Shop in town! Find us in the Oakway Center! Our Mini Donuts are just so “a-dough-rable”, and we serve them hot and fresh every time! Watch them sizzle then pop out of the machine right before your eyes. Pick your toppings and off you go to enjoy the warmest little piece of mouth heaven you’ve ever had. 

What sets us apart is that we serve our donuts hot and fresh when you order! Our variety of evolving flavors are unique and fun so there’s always something new to try.

You can find us in Oakway Center and at many local and regional events! You can also hire us to come to your office or event – we do everything from weddings to festivals, corporate picnics to fairs.

Our multiple Sweet Carts are equipped to serve groups of any size. We prefer an electric outlet, but we can be 100% self-contained without the need for water or electricity. Our cart is safe, clean and fully licensed/insured.

Come explore our Sweet Bay Shave Ice website for details on another fun cart bringing sweets to Eugene’s streets!

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We change our seasonal favorites often!

Come check our special offerings. There’s always something new to try!

Seasonal Favorites Change Often!

Come check out our special offerings. There is always something new to try!

Why Mini Donuts?

Because you can get six HOT & FRESH mini Donuts covered in flavored icing, drizzle, and crumble. There’s nothing quite like popping one of these decadent pieces of yumminess in your mouth. If you like the looks of all our flavors, be sure to like and follow us on social media to hear about more yummy flavors throughout the year.

You might ask why we flavor in increments of six? Six minis is roughly the equivalent to any other dessert portion i.e. a piece of cake, an ice cream cone, a cupcake etc. We don’t flavor minis individually as that would be very time consuming. Hot and fresh takes a little extra time, which makes our process a bit unhurried already. Flavoring in sixes improves our speed to you. 

From the very first bite of Oh’ My Mini Donuts, you’ll be hooked! We love seeing the smiles on our friends and new customer faces as they take their first taste and then come back again and again to try more and more flavor combinations! 

 milk and donuts?

Yes, Please!

What is the perfect thing to pair with Mini Donuts? Milk of course! We offer both Regular, Strawberry, AND Chocolate Milk! And of course, bottled water as well.


Weddings, birthdays, showers, business meetings, convention centers, festivals, or promotional events—whatever your catering needs are, O’My Mini Donuts is ready to deliver a truly delicious experience. With customized flavors we can help make your special occasion a memorable one. Choose between hot & fresh on-site catering, or speedy delivery options to corporate offices, hotels, and other local businesses!


Check out our Facebook and Instagram for availability and location updates!

Now Open In Oakway Center!

We are conveniently located right outside Talbots & Chicos!

101 Oakway Center

Eugene, OR 97401


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